Jag Dhatt

Senior Vice President & Man of Speed

Jag’s passion for the automotive and motorcycle was present even when he was in elementary school. He would always watch and help his dad tinker with the family car; if something was wasn’t right, it had to be fixed. After high school, Jag attended UBC and the University of Oregon, attaining Bachelor degrees in Arts and Education, and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership & Curriculum Design. After teaching at the high school level for over 10 years, Jag moved into private enterprise. In 2010, Jag joined JGK Media Inc. as Corporate Accounts Director, and became Senior Vice President and Partner in 2014. In addition to handling all corporate accounts, Jag is the On-Road Editor for Desi Trucking Magazine and DRK Magazine. When not working in the office, you can find him driving and riding anything that has wheels. As a father of two young girls, Jag continually asks for his daughters’ input about the current test vehicle or motorcycle, saying, “they provide unique and valuable opinions that as grown-ups, we can’t or may not appreciate anymore.”
Favourite classic car 1987 Grand National
Favourite vehicle 2014 Range Rover Sport SC
Favourite bike 2006 Yamaha R6